What are your New Year’s Cycling Resolutions?

It has been a great year for cycling, you know why? Because Historic Toys was created! That’s why! But as Historic Toys goes into its second year of being online, it’s always a good idea to set New Year’s resolutions for the blog!

So what are Historic Toys ’s New Year’s Resolutions? They are…

Newyear Resolution
Newyear Resolution

1. Write more Cycling Articles

Historic Toys was pretty active there for a few months. I was posting or at least trying to post on a daily basis. But then I kind of slacked off a bit as the temperatures got colder – just as I have slacked off from cycling. I know, I know, that isn’t very cyclist of me but I just can’t stand the cold… But one resolution for this New Year is that I will write more on this blog. I’d like to post a new article each and every day Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday being the blog’s rest days (hahaha). So look for more articles about cycling to be posted soon!

2. Get more Guest Bloggers

Historic Toys isn’t just a me blog! I welcome other writers who want to post articles about cycling on this blog. We have had a couple of people who found us and wrote for us and they shared some pretty cool guest blog articles at that. However, it seems that a lot of people just doesn’t about our blog and therefore doesn’t know they can write for us. So I plan to market and promote the blog more, get into the blog writing community and find us some more guest bloggers. If you’re reading this and interested in guest blogging for us, check out our write for us page. Writing for us is free and you can even share a couple of links if you want to.

3. Get a Co-Blogger or Two

Like I said above, this isn’t a me blog or a blog that only I can write on. I welcome assistance from others who want to help. So while promoting the blog to find guest bloggers, I will also be looking for one to two cycling bloggers who are interested in staying on the blog as co-bloggers. A co-blogger will be a regular blogger on this blog meaning you can expect more than one cycling article from them. I would like to find co-bloggers who are interested in posting at least one article on this blog each week but the more articles they post, the better!

4. Get a New Look

I have been beta testing a new ‘theme framework’ for the blogging software we use here (WordPress). I really like it so far because I can use it on all my blogs but change colors and such to keep each one unique from the other. I plan to install and activate it on this blog really soon. It will have a more modern feel to it, be mobile-ready and include all sort of cool unique features. I hope to have this new look and feel up soon.

5. Stolen Bikes Directory

As you may know, I am working on a feature for this blog to enable you to report your bicycle as stolen on this blog. Once you report it as stolen, it will publish to the ‘stolen bikes’ page, Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word out about your bike being taken. My hopes is that it will help others see it, find your bike and get it back to you as quick as possible. If you’re a dedicated cyclist like me, then you likely have quite the expensive bicycle. Our bikes are our cars in many cases and we cannot just let people take them and get away with it. This feature will be available soon and it will also be 100% free to everyone. You won’t even have to join to report your stolen bike!

Thanks for reading about Historic Toys ’s New Year’s resolutions! I hope you enjoyed reading them and I hope you look forward to our changes. Please share this post with other to show me support for writing it.

Your turn! What are your New Year’s Cycling Resolutions?

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