Bike Touring Business as a Way to Make Money with Cycling

Have you ever considered starting your own bike touring business?

A bike touring business would be a great way to make money with cycling by cycling. Starting a bike touring business isn’t that hard to startup, either. If your area is bicycle-friendly, starting a bike touring business can be successfully accomplished fairly quickly. In this article I will give you some basic tips on starting a bike touring business of your own and how you can start making bank just by riding your bike.

Bicycle tour
Bicycle tour

Use Your Cycling Level for Your Bike Touring Business

Are you a fast rider? Are you a slow rider? Are you somewhere in between? Whatever levels of cycling you are, use those levels in the marketing speak and public relations of your bike touring business. If you offer bike touring services and you are a slow rider, you need to make sure your potential customers understand that tours are geared for slower riders otherwise fast riding customers might expect a fast riding bike touring business when they signup to tour with you. I honestly suggest that you go with a bike touring business geared for slower riders because it’s going to open up your market to more potential customers.


Integrate Local History into Your Bike Touring Business

If I were to create a bike touring business in my area, southern Illinois, I would make the tour in rural areas where historical coal mining operations were and along the areas where Lewis and Clark explored because it would add to the touring experience. Imagine taking a tour with your riders and stopping for a rest break at various locations where you can give a little bit of history about the area. It gives you something to talk about on breaks and it will value to your bike touring business. Tourists, those who are retired and even families with children often want to do services that involve learning about something from the past. Provide a museum on wheels for your customers.


Consider the Legal Aspects of Running Your Bike Touring Business

Consider all legal aspects before you start your bike touring business. Check in with your local city, county and state policymakers to ensure you have everything you need to start your bike touring business. You might have to buy insurance that will cover your customers in case one of them were to get hit by a car on your tour group or you might get away with requiring customers to sign a waiver that rids you of all liabilities and legal responsibilities – however, laws may vary on this situation so you need to make sure you are doing everything right before you start your bike touring business.


Cheap Bike Touring Business vs. Expensive Bike Touring Business

In order to make the kind of money well-known bicycling tourist agencies make, you have to provide a lot of benefits to your customers often times including bicycles, cycling apparel and gear, lodging and dining as well as vehicle support. If you counter in all those services and benefits, you can easily charge customers quite a bit to be a part of your touring service. However, if you don’t have the capital for that, then don’t worry about providing all those benefits and instead focus on gaining customers through a competitive pricing standard. Focus on single-day touring in the local area so that you don’t need to provide all of those features. However, if you are able to – have vehicle support readily available in case someone feels as if they can no longer ride especially if you are targeting the slow rider markets.


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